LinkAsia Group - Win & Keep Asian Clients

For businesses who want to grow in Asia and engage with Asian consumers, LinkAsia Group helps you win and keep Asian clients – especially in China and Japan.

There are two businesse under LinkAsia Group: Export Consultant and Lyrebird Language Centre.

Our export consultant worked in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia across tourism, education and international market development over the past 25 years with many success stories.

We understand what your Asian clients like and need. From your Asian clients’ point of veiw, we help you review export strategy and improve export business. It is all about customer relationship.

Our goal is to help you develop a sustainable and profitable export business in an innovative way.

Lyrebird Language Centre is specialsed on Mandarin & Japanse language classes. We have helped many people – from children to adults – learn Mandarin & Japanese in Brisbane since 2008.

We also offer personal coaching, company training and business translation in Chinese & Japanese. We focus on teaching practical language skills and nurturing business culture awareness.

Our teaching methord is “Mimic it like a Lyrebird”and “Do it following the flow”.